The first thing that anybody noticed was the sound. The caustic buzz gnaws at your ears before they even reach your line of sight. While only a couple minutes, The wicked droning lasted for what felt like hours before the swarm finally envelopes out town.

The invasion caused the highest turmoil. Nobody had time to prepare like we do now. The Nanobots came like a fast moving fog. The innumerable components of the fog swagger and sway, causing the entire mass to contract and expand and they sped through the Main Rivet Rag Thoroughfare.

Randall Gleam is a piano player at one of Rivet River’s most popular bars, The Four Armed Devil. He was on his way to the bar to pick up his wages when he was caught in the swarm. He, like many of our residents, assumed the buzzing was simply a symptom of new technology from the Faetherwatches or the Wranjers not known to the public just yet.

“It felt like they were passing through me,” said Gleam. “I was nothing but a simple obstruction to them. Just a fence post with a hat.”

Gleam was in the middle when he saw them. Black particulates in the air coming towards him at an incredible velocity. Gleam ran. He tried to head toward The Four Armed Devil to take shelter but it was too late. The Swarm crashed into him. Like a paper caught in a sand devil, Poor Randall was carried by the Swarm for over 100 feet. He estimates he was lifted 50 ft in the air by the nanobots, able to see the entire town from the Mines to the east to the Collosal Mountains to the west.

“When I finally landed, I felt like I was not in my body. I just laid on my stomach with a mouth full of sand, trying to gain the courage to take a breath.”

Gleam’s injuries were typical of the people caught our in the open during the first coming: cuts, lacerations, broken ribs, a sprained wrist. Thankfully no lives were lost. Of the 3 invasions so far, the greatest havoc comes to the buildings and infrastructure. Structures can hardly withstand the nanobots as they subtly slice through walls and supports. Glass from broken windows, sand and other debris are whipped up into malicious twisters before cutting through the wood and brick little by little.

Much to the chagrin of our town’s economy, The building which seems to take the brunt of this property damage is the Town Treasury and its gold.

The Treasury building continues to take more and more damage with each assault, and rumors have begun to circulate about the Nanobots eating at the gold within.

“The havoc caused by these Nanobots swarms are an abomination to this great town, and I want to assure all citizens that creating a defense mechanism and strategy is our greatest priority.” Says Rhodon “Rusty” Faetherwatch, Treasurer of Rivet River. He declined to comment on the financial loss inside the treasury.

Sl33k Wranjer, Head of Security for the Rivet River Mining Company, made the following statement regarding the gold mining operation “I have the highest faith in my fellow miners and officers. We will continue to serve our citizens well and defend against any outside threat, regardless of size or scope.”

Both Wranjer and Faetherwatch have yet to comment on exactly what their plans are for fighting these Nanobots. Sources say both the Wranjer and Faetherwatch clans are continuing to produce new and exciting weapons.

Until this time, the best way to defend yourself against another invasion is to prepare as soon as the nanobots’ droning is heard. Take cover inside the nearest building, cover all windows and doors if possible, and take cover.