Confrontation of Mechs

Sefta Greenmane was there when it all happened.

“I found it weird that all of this happened when the night sky was so, so beautiful. The moon was visible when the sun was still out and Chlorophane was so very close. Chlorophane was so visible that you could see its Rings. These heavenly bodies floated in the glow of the setting sun behind that…ludicrous display. I just don’t understand it.”

The thunderous slams of the Mechs stomping, jumping, and falling onto the plains north of Rivet River. Greenmane was there in the town square crying out as the two giant beasts, one shaped like a large mechanical cowboy and the other a flying horse, tried to pin one another to the ground. “Even just one of those things could have completely wiped out the town. The Faetherwatches and the Wranjers are armed but not like those…things.”

The first beast to emerge was a massive, gargantuan flying machine. Its four reptilian legs paddled in the air as it flew at high speeds, first over the town, to the foothills of the Colossal Mountains, and finally towards the mines. Citizens described it as a flying horse with wings made of sails. It also had sails on its vertebrae and a head like that of a sea creature. With every beat of its wings, a puff of smoke would emerge from the beast’s mouth and the chimneys on its shoulders. Fearsome cannons lined the side of the body. The Giant Cowboy wrestled the Beast to the ground. They fought. More and more people began to gather around the central town square to watch this fight. Gh0st Pearly, another bystander, recently had a camera feature installed into her optical unit. It was the first time she used it when she captured an image to encapsulate the moment: the Flying Beast making a strike at the Giant Cowboy as it throws a lasso at the beast, with Sefta and Nymyn both standing on either side of the frame, looking on with an infectious excitement.

Moments after this photo was taken, the confrontation began to change. This change was most noticeable in the decrease of sounds. Starting with the opening collision, the duel was loud. It was ugly and it was cacophonous. Gears were grinding. Plumes of steam gurgled out of the two machines. Metal squeaked and sparked as the two traded blows. Guns and cannons were fired and projectiles slammed into the ground around them. But then the sounds and fury began to dissipate. Their blows became less rapid. (edited)

“It seemed like it entered a new phase when the cowboy put away it’s lasso.” Explains Gh0st.

“They just started, I dunno, like looking at each other.” says Sefta.

The Flying Beast started hovering in the air, its gaze affixed to the Giant Cowboy. Puffs of steam billowed from chimneys on its back. They stayed still for hours. The sun had set and a full moon floated in the night sky.

“I just sat and watched them. I knew I needed to be there.” said Sefta.

“I can’t say exactly when, but at some point it became quite sweet. It was rather cute with the sun and Chlorophane radiating in the background.” Says Nymyn. "Something about the whole thing was screaming romance.” Sefta was skeptical of this notion. “They are machines.” they said. “That simply cannot be true.”

After standing in a stalemate for hours, they both took off towards the north, the beast flying and the Giant Cowboy taking fantastic leaps.

Rivet River has seen its series of absurd events over the past year. From a series of Nanobot attacks leading to a massive robbery at the mine, and now this. Whether or not these events are connected is hard to say. The Town leadership, including the mine leadership, have yet to release an official statement regarding the Duel.

Eye witnesses spotted treasurer Rusty Faetherwatch on the balcony of the town hall, looking onward as the two machines left together to the north. They say he stayed out on the balcony late into the night.

Sl33k Wranjer, head of security for the mine, was last seen at his residence on the westside of town. When reached for his comment on the matter, his home and office were both found to be empty.

If you have an account of the Duel, please feel free to come by the newsroom and share it with us.